Ethical Society



Statement of Purpose


The Ethical Society of Asheville is a humanist, non-theistic alternative to traditional religion and a member organization of the American Ethical Union.  Our meeting topics are educational, philosophical and of current interest.We are inspired by the ideal that the supreme aim of human life is working to create a more humane society.  We endeavor to nurture the capacity and responsibility of human beings to act in their personal relationships and in the larger community to help create a better world.  Our commitment is to the worth and dignity of the individual and to treating each human being so as to bring out the best in him or her.  We join together to assist each other in developing ethical ideas and ideals, to celebrate life's joys and support each other through life's crises, and  to cultivate ethical behavior in the community around us.

The Ethical Society of Asheville is a vibrant, caring community dedicated to cultivating ethical growth and action in its members and in the larger world.   


 Our activities 

 Our meetings 

The aim of all our projects and programs is to inspire ethical living and to create a more just, loving and sustainable world for all. 

Our values 

Ethical Culture affirms the equal worth and right to dignity of every person.  We cherish individual differences, cultural diversity, and the democratic process.  We seek to bring out the potential of each of us to make our homes, workplaces, and communities kinder, fairer, and more joyful. 

Ethical Culture is a humanistic religion.  Our sources of ethical knowledge and inspiration include